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We not only comply to sustainability, we believe in it.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world. Keenly aware of the social and environmental impact of the industry, TAL Apparel is wholeheartedly committed to raise the bar of the whole industry when it comes to sustainability.

TAL Apparel embraces a triple bottom-line sustainability framework ("People, Planet, Profit") which explicitly acknowledges the important relationship between the company's business performance and its social and environmental impact.


We have implemented a comprehensive waste reduction scheme aiming to reduce waste by raising production efficiency, reusing and recycling waste in different ways. Translating our hard work into numbers, it means 26% reduction in the Greenhouse Gas (GHG), amounting a total of 4.6 million trees, and 36% reduction in the water footprint, amounting a total of 235 Olympic swimming pools, in just 4 years. However, our own efforts to reduce its environmental impacts need to go hand-in-hand with those of our business partners and customers in designing more sustainable products, sourcing in a more sustainable way and educating their customers to have more sustainable purchasing practices.

From playing an active role in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to sponsoring documentary movie “The True Cost”, TAL Apparel has actively joined force with like-minded industry partners to raise awareness and advocate sustainability in the fashion industry.

For several years, TAL Apparel has also been working with Redress –  an environmental NGO to support the EcoChic Designer Award. The award aims to inspire emerging fashion designers and students to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste and learn more about the environmental impacts of their work.

With great power comes great responsibility. As an industry leader, we have a duty to go beyond the four walls of the manufacturing floor to involve the rest of the value-chain – the brands, the retailers, the suppliers, the consumers – and convince them, with passion, that we need to take better care of our beautiful planet and its wonderful people.

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In TAL Apparel, our people are the most important asset. Apart from ensuring health and safety of our workforce, we are committed to providing our people an enriching career, with opportunities for self-development and growth.  

Each year, workshops and training programs are offered by our professional trainers to equip our colleagues with both functional and soft skills. Upon completion of the program, participants would be awarded with certification of achievement to recognize their effort. 

We work as a team, and treat each other like family. For that reason, we also care about our employees’ next generation. Named after our founder, the CC Lee Scholarship recognizes children of our employees who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements by sponsoring their overseas studies. We hope that not only our employees, but their next generation can also achieve sustainable growth.

Look how excited our factory teams are to embark their journey in TAL!

See the smiling faces when our Vietnamese factory colleagues gained recognition. Cheers!

Every year, our CC Lee Scholarship supports the sustainable growth of employees’ next generation.

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