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In TAL, we believe everyone is different.


Program Structure

Management Trainees are crucial to the future success of TAL. Our 2-year Management Trainee Program is designed to unleash the potential of young graduates while nurturing our future leaders.

One Program. Two Streams

To stay ahead in today’s apparel manufacturing industry, having the best products is no longer enough. Analyzing data to optimize the supply chain with our suppliers and customers is crucial in today's competitive landscape.  As such, we need to groom the next generation's best product and material experts, as much as we need to nurture the best analysts to optimize our production plan and VMI solutions.

At the same time, we understand that you all come from a diverse academic background, with different interests and aspirations. In our Management Trainee Program, we offer two streams: Product and Data, which means, you can try out different key functions based on your interests and goals.

Product Stream

Sales and Marketing

Develop sales and marketing strategies by synthesizing external market trends and our intimate understanding on customer needs


Manage customer orders and act as a cross-functional project manager orchestrating the end-to-end product cycle from development to delivery

Material Sourcing

Identify trends in the raw materials market, manage a collaborative vendor base, and support the development and procurement of all raw materials to build the best products

Data Stream

Production Planning

Optimize production capacity by dynamically reviewing trade market dynamics, customer demand and simulate impact of different production allocation scenarios

VMI Solutions

Unlock the real potential of big data analytics to help streamline our customers’ supply chain and maximizing their profits


Develop financial budget and reports, carry out financial planning and analysis, and identify business risks and opportunities to support management decision making

Program Highlights

With over 30 years of experience in training and developing fresh graduates, TAL knows how to push your boundaries and accelerate your growth. 

Just as we strive for continuous improvement everywhere, our program has also been revamped to provide our MTs even better learning experience.


Classroom Training

Your journey starts with a comprehensive 2-month orientation to enhance your industry understanding, and to help you develop a professional network.  Training topics span from technical product and fabric knowledge, to soft skills like communication and project management, etc.


Department Rotations

Our Management Trainees will go through 2 to 3 department rotations in the dedicated stream to acquire in-depth functional knowledge and grow managerial competencies through on-the-job trainings.


Overseas Training

Regardless of the Program Stream, all Management Trainees will have a 2-month overseas factory training in one of our production countries to gain a deeper understanding on the production process and broader perspective in the operations.

Exciting Cross-functional Projects

Management Trainees will have abundant opportunities to lead and participate in various cross-functional projects. Coached by subject matter experts from different departments, you can safely explore and experiment, excel or make mistakes!


Leadership Exposure

Throughout the program, you would have various formal and informal interactions with our senior leaders, who care about your development needs and love to share their experience. For many, this is the best part of the program.


Mentorship Program

From being a student to entering the workplace full-time, it is a major change. We want to make sure you rise from every challenge to become stronger. To better support you through the transition, every MT will be matched with a mentor who would be your navigator, sounding board and friend!

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