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Leading the Way

Our leaders come from a diverse background, but they all share the same passion and values

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Wonder what it is like to build a career in the apparel industry? Wonder what type of talents our leaders are looking for? Want a piece of advice from them? Or… curious of who our leaders are as a person? What keep them excited every day?

What is better than hearing from them directly?

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Mr. Roger Lee, Chief Executive Officer

“We, as the world-wide industry leader, define what the apparel supply chain should be in the future” 

  • What differentiates TAL Apparel in the world of manufacturing? 

  • What is the biggest challenge you face every day and what excites you about work?

  • Many people said apparel manufacturing is a sunset industry. What do you think?

  • With a management consulting background in the United States, you seem to have a rather untypical background in this industry. Can you tell us a bit about your management style?  How do you manage such a big operation with people from such diverse background? 

  • What are the types of talents you are looking for in this industry? 

  • What is the one piece of advice you would give to young graduates? 

Christophe PNG.png

Mr. Christophe Degoix, Chief Operating Officer

“Everything is possible in TAL Apparel when you adopt a “can do” attitude and are willing to learn and develop yourself” 

  • As the executive sponsor of TAL Apparel’s MT program, can you share with us what’s the philosophy behind the program?  

  • How does TAL Apparel equip fresh graduates with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their career? 

  • We know that your career has always been in MNCs and big brands in the past. What brought you to TAL Apparel – a Hong Kong based company and a B2B industry? 

  • Before you took up the role of Chief Operating Officer, we know you were leading Finance organization and previously the Supply Chain Management function. These are unusual moves at a senior level.  Can you tell us a bit about TAL Apparel’s talent management philosophy?

  • What do you enjoy most about your job? 


Mr. David Chu, Advisor

“Having been in TAL Apparel for 38 years, I am still learning from people every day” 


  • We know that you joined TAL Apparel as a Management Trainee and worked your way up to Senior Vice President of Sales, Merchandising and Marketing until you become our Advisor recently. What makes you continue to stay in the company with such enthusiasm and commitment? 

  • We all know that TAL Apparel stresses on continuous improvement a lot. What are the biggest changes and transformation you have seen at the company over your career?  

  • When you look back on 38 years with TAL Apparel, what is your most memorable moment in the company?  

  • Are there any key tips you can share with those starting out their career in TAL Apparel? 

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