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Reach for Success

Our dedication to your success does not end with your graduation from the program

Throughout the program, we work together to explore your interests and potential. Towards the end of the two-year program, you would be invited to have a series of discussions with the MT program leads, through which we could work on your first post-program placement considering both your interests and our business needs. Based on experience, most of our MT graduates were successful in getting a role in their preferred departments.

However, program graduation is just the beginning of the real journey!

Career Path

At TAL, there is no standard timeframe. Because everyone is different, there should not be a single career path that fits all.

We have had MT graduates reaching Director level in just 7 years since college graduation! We also had courageous ones taking less traditional paths, going for lateral moves to broaden their exposure. We are happy to support such choices because we believe the breadth of exposure would eventually enable them to go even farther.

As long as you are willing to try, we are committed to providing you with a stage, and plenty of opportunities to shine!

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“MTs are proven to be hugely successful in TAL. Among our MT graduates, we have the youngest Director and a Senior Vice President”

–  Christophe Degoix, Chief Operating Officer / MT Program Lead

Post-program Career Development

To support your continual growth, multiple resources are available to our MT graduates:

  • A Career Development Committee, chaired by our CEO and represented by top management of various functions to oversee the career development of MT graduates to ensure the right development and exposure;

  • Opportunities for long-term and short-term job rotations to increase exposure needed for advancement;

  • Continuous mentorship program to provide support at every step of your career.

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