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for 75 Years


Rooted in Hong Kong,

but a truly global company

Business Overvie

Business Overview

From being the first Hong Kong textile player to one of the world’s largest multinational garment manufacturers, TAL Apparel has been a pioneer in creating innovative garments that combine superior styles, comfort and functionality for over 75 years. Proudly known as “King of dress shirts”. TAL Apparel owns more than 30 innovative products.

However, we do more than just making clothes. Our customer-centric approach inspires us to constantly add values to customers throughout the supply chain.

Leveraging our scale and a passion to innovate, TAL Apparel has evolved into a Group and has expanded into business lines other than just manufacturing, namely wholesale, textile and service businesses, bringing innovations such as 3D body scanner and leading-edge demand planning expertise to better match a broader range of customer needs.

Our Story

Founded by Mr. C.C. Lee in 1947, TAL Apparel was the very first textile apparel company in Hong Kong. Since then, quality has always been what defines and directs us.

As the third generation of leaders steer TAL Apparel forward in this disruptive era with globalization and digital breakthroughs, we take initiatives to think proactively and rise to challenges, even if it means stepping out of our comfort zone. In 2017, TAL Apparel was one of the first garment manufacturers of its scale to open a factory in Ethiopia.

The focus of TAL Apparel, however, has never been simply on profits. Building an ecosystem that embraces and even advocates sustainability is of top priority. All TALers know that People, Planet and Profit form our “triple bottom line”. Achieving a fine balance among the 3Ps in our daily work is important to us. Setting a high standard internally is only the first step, we also join force with like-minded industry partners to create a better future for all of us.

Throughout the past decades, TAL Apparel has thrived through all the transformation and challenges in the apparel manufacturing industry. We are confident that with strong values and the best team, TAL Apparel would always be well positioned to stay ahead in the game.

Our Partners

We join our skills and creativity with many of the most famous apparel brands to create the best garments in the world. Our innovative products, value-added supply chain services and our deep commitment to our distinguished customers have made us a "partner of choice" for years.


Timeless Classic

Quality is never out of fashion. For decades, we partner with some of the most prestigious brands to indulge consumers who want nothing but the best quality outfits.



Fashion never sleeps, neither do we. Together with our customers, we relentlessly bring new styles that would delight the millennials.


Digital Natives

The world is changing, so does the apparel industry. Riding on the eCommerce trends, we are the growth enabler of booming digital darlings who send garments straight to your doorway.


Performance and Outdoor

Today, “casualization” is the ”new black”. Combining functionality and comfort, we partner with customers to challenge your imagination on what your outfit can do for you on your various adventures.

Global Presence

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*Client-facing offices

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