Pioneering Innovation

There is a lot more science than you think in making clothes.

INNOFACTURER® in Garment Technologies

Being a global leader in the apparel industry, we are committed to provide technologically advanced, high quality garments that define how clothing should look, feel and perform.

In the late 90s, when there was a lot of buzz in the market about wrinkle-free products, a 100% cotton wrinkle-free shirt with excellent quality was the ultimate quest. Despite the readily available polyester-cotton wrinkle-free products, TAL Apparel never stopped challenging ourselves and that resulted our flagship SofTAL® technology. This technology completely revolutionized the entire industry and continues to set the benchmark today for top quality standards by which all other wrinkle-free shirts follow. 

It is our strong passion in creating the perfect garments that set us apart from our competitors in the  market. With a relentless drive to innovate and exceed customer expectations, today TAL Apparel proudly owns over 30 innovative products. 

It’s no magic! By absorbing moisture quickly, our Natural‧Cool® shirts keep you cool under extreme sun situations. 

A multi-functional technology that repels water off fabric while maintaining the breathability of cotton.

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INNOFACTURER® in Supply Chain

In view of the complexity in the retail environment, characterized by the fast-changing consumer preferences, intense competition and increasing cost pressure, TAL Apparel stepped forward and introduced our Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions.

Before people even coined the term “big data”, for over 20 years, TAL Apparel has been a big believer and practitioner of big data analytics. Today, 1/3 of our customers are users of our VMI services, under which we consistently bring measurable impacts to customers’ profitability.

Our sophisticated VMI models are divided into 4 levels. The higher the level, the larger degree of system integration is expected, and the bigger business impact would be achieved.

Level 1: Quick Response

Focuses on reducing customers’ replenishment lead time from a few months to a few weeks by enhancing material planning to ensure merchandises ready in advance.

Level 2: Continuous Replenishment

Helps clients to achieve more balanced inventory and better align supply with demand by matching inventory status with the actual sales.

Level 3: Warehouse Vendor-Managed Inventory

Generates demand forecasts and maximizes inventory efficiency by integrating warehouse, production and suppliers into one, with the introduction Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities, etc.

Level 4: Store Vendor-Managed Inventory

Analyzes customer behavior and forecasts inventory requirements at store level. Created by TAL Apparel in the 2000s, we are the first and the most advanced apparel manufacturer that drives replenishment for our customer at a store and SKU level.

Measurable Impacts


Forecast Accuracy


In-stock Rate


Inventory turn


Sales YoY

*Program level 4, one year program span

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