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A People-First Company

Work and fun do not have

to be a trade-off


Life @ TAL

We work smart...

At TAL, we pride ourselves on constantly introducing innovations. When it comes to office design, we take full advantage of technology for our convenience, and most importantly, sustainability. We want to empower people to work smart with technology. From CO2 emission sensors, air purifying systems, to Apple TV installations for office-wide wireless streaming, all these add up to what we call an intelligent office, which is also LEED® Platinum Certified!

We play hard...

We spend 5 days a week with our colleagues, it is important that we work with cool people who we can call friends.  At TAL, there are a lot of opportunities for everyone to get to know one another and enjoy good times together outside of work. From BBQ to Movie Night, from VR to War Games, there is always something for everyone!

We learn together...

TALers are curious people who love to learn and develop new skills. As such we organize different classes and workshops from yoga classes to leather handicraft, from essential oils blending to cooking baking.  Which one is your favorite?

We celebrate successes...

Throughout the years, we are more than excited to receive different awards from our customers as a recognition of our excellent service and craftsmanship, and we share the honor as one team. Every year, representatives from different teams around the globe gather in Hong Kong for the Annual Dinner to celebrate success, where different team and individual awards would be presented as a recognition of their contribution and teamwork spirits.

We care for the community...

Remember the 3Ps that we care? Yes, that’s People, Planet and Profit. On and on, we work with different social enterprises to organize activities such as the blood donation day at office to make contributions to the society, and the social enterprise bazaar to bring most up-to-date environmental sustainable products to our staff.  Even when we have fun, we never forget to do good!

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