Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about us and the program...


1. I do not have any textile or fashion background. Will this affect my application?​

We do not favor students from a specific background or degree. We care more about your personality, your beliefs and most of all, your long-term ambition. Since TAL Apparel provides our MTs with comprehensive training and career develop​ment, industry background is not a pre-requisite, but a passion in apparel products is definitely a big plus!

We believe, there would always be good days and not so good days at work, but if you love what you do, you would be able to rise above the challenges!

2. I am not a fresh graduate, am I eligible for the program?

We welcome recent graduates with less than one year of full-time work experience.

3. I am studying abroad now. Will my application be considered?​

Definitely. We welcome overseas students to apply. Chinese language proficiency is a plus but not a must. We could arrange online written assessment and interviews as appropriate.

4. I do not have right of abode in Hong Kong. Will TAL still consider me?​

TAL Apparel welcomes applicants from all nationalities​. In fact, we do have several non-local students joining our program. For successful applicants who require a Hong Kong work visa, TAL Apparel will sponsor their work visa application. Please note that employment with TAL Apparel is subject to the approval of a Hong Kong work visa as per statutory requirements.


5. When will I be contacted for assessments after application is submitted?​

Please refer to the recruitment schedule​ under Application section. Note that only successful applicants would be contacted.

6. When will this program start?​

The program starts at early August. As there would be an intensive summer orientation program, we strongly encourage successful applicants not to miss it.

We would be in touch with details once we have offered you a place.


7. How long does the program last for?

The program lasts for two years.

8. How many job rotations would I have during the program?

There are 5 rotations including one overseas rotation in one of our production countries.

9. What kind of training does TAL provide?

The program starts with a one-month classroom-style orientation, in which our MTs will attend various department trainings to equip with basic industry and company knowledge before the first rotation starts.

Throughout the 2-year program, MT will have opportunities to attend other technical and soft skills workshops on top of the on-the-job training. Our Human Capital Management professionals work closely with department leaders to carefully curate the learning objectives for each rotation to help you sharpen your industry knowledge and grow your leadership skills. MTs are also assigned on multiple cross-functional projects to test out what they learned in a safe environment.

At TAL Apparel, we believe everyone is different. With the support of the TAL Apparel senior management, our MTs very often play a proactive role in shaping their own learning journey too! Please visit the "TALers Sharing" Section to learn about the stories of our MTs and MT graduates!


10. Will I have the opportunity to work in other countries?​

At TAL Apparel, MTs are given a real business exposure. Where circumstances allow, our MTs will attend two-month overseas rotation in our factories.

11. What department will I be working in after the program graduation?

By the end of second year, MTs will be invited to indicate their career preferences. The assignment would be made carefully by the Career Development Committee, taking into consideration MTs' interests, performance, their specific career development needs as well as TAL Apparel's business needs. At TAL Apparel, we care about your long-term development. Even after graduation from the MT program, MT graduates will be kept under close monitoring to ensure specific development plans are in place and the right cross-functional exposure is given. To prepare our MT graduates for a successful career, various long-term or short-term rotations would also be offered at different points in their career.


12. How many Management Trainees will TAL recruit this year?​

We are rather flexible about the number of MTs each year. We focus on finding the perfect match between the applicant and TAL Apparel.

Company Culture

13. What is the working environment of TAL?​

If you have read about the sharing from our TALers, you'd know it's all about our people! Here at TAL Apparel, people are always curious, never stop learning and keep innovating in everything we do. We can assure you that at TAL Apparel, you work with a great team and you can definitely count on your team in helping you grow. Through relentless hard work, we define the future of apparel industry together. Please visit Life at TAL Section to learn more about our work environment and culture.